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Link to: Sculptures by James Killian Spratt -- Three New Chess Variations and Jetan

Hereby I would like to introduce you to what I believe are three new chess variations, of my unaided creation. If you would trouble yourself to pull up, my newish website, and look under games you will see the three setup boards displayed. They are CHESS FOR THREE, on a triangular board, IMPERIAL CHESS, on a 12 x 12 board, and an expansion of Jetan, which I call SARANG. Actually I designed the games because I'm a sculptor and can make the pieces; I began with a highly detailed-figure Jetan set, made a couple of different, extra princesses (they're so cute,) and the ERB Museum got interested and one thing led to another and on. Anyhow, I've played all of these a couple dozen times each and found that they are challenging and fun, and they work. -- James Killian Spratt


James Spratt is now making a smaller version of his Sarang Jetan set, with pieces 4 inches tall. ERBzine, the "First and Only Weekly Webzine Devoted to the Life and Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs" has now featured James' artwork and then the development of Sarang Jetan, with a nice mention of Imperial Chess, The Chess Variant Pages, and Game Courier. Wonderful!

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