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The worst Chess program in the world

Lose in 6 moves

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A puzzle

Can you lose from this program? How many move do you need? I can be mated in the sixth move of black. Is this the fastest possible?


I actually had forgotten the solution, and when asked for it, Alfred Pfeiffer came with several, somewhat identical solutions.

1. b2-b4 a7-a5 2. c2-c4 a5-a4 3. Qd1:a4 Ra8:a4 4. Bc1-a3 Ra4:a3 5. Nb1-c3 Ra3:a2 6. Nc3-e4 Ra2:a1#

1. d2-d3 a7-a5 2.Bc1-e3 a5-a4 3. Qd1-d2 a4-a3 4. Nb1:a3 Ra8:a3 4. O-O-O Ra3:a2 6. h2-h3 Ra2-a1#

1. d2-d3 a7-a5 2. Qd1-d2 a5-a4 3. Qd2-c3 a4-a3 4. Qc3-b3 a3:b2 4. a2-a3 Ra8:a3 6. Ra1:a3 b2:c1=Q#

1. c2-c3 a7-a5 2. Qd1-b3 a5-a4 3. a2-a3 a4:b3 4. h2-h3 Ra8:a3 4. b2:a3 b3-b2 6. Ra1-a2 b2:c1=Q#

1. b2-b3 a7-a5 2. Bc1-b2 a5-a4 3. Qd1-c1 a4-a3 4. h2-h3 a3:b2 4. a2-a3 Ra8:a3 6. Ra1:a3 b2:c1=Q#

1. a2-a4 a7-a5 2. b2-b4 a5:b4 3. Bc1-b2 Ra8:a4 4. Ra1:a4 b4-b3 4. Bb2-c3 b3-b2 6. Qd1-c1 b2:c1=Q#

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