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The Chess Variant Pages

Items Invented by Charles Gilman

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231 'Game' entries listed 2 'Zillions of Games file' entries listed
44 'Article on pieces' entries listed 1 'Java Program' entry listed
10 'Play by mail item' entries listed 2 'Piececlopedia entry' entries listed
57 'Three dimensional' entries listed 95 'Large board' entries listed
20 'Small board' entries listed 60 'Three or more players' entries listed
13 'Oriental' entries listed 4 'Uses dice' entries listed
46 'Unorthodox shaped board' entries listed 45 'Board with hexagonal shaped cells' entries listed
13 'Circular shaped board' entries listed 5 'In a category all its own' entries listed
12 'Each player has a different army' entries listed 2 'Chess combined with some other game or sport' entries listed
48 'Xiangqi, or Xiangqi-based' entries listed 54 'Shogi, or Shogi-based' entries listed

Total items listed: 290

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