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CHECK 11 ~ Original Vision ~. 11 different original factions, chosen secretly, each with extra powers when few pieces remain.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Paul Thierry TESSA wrote on 2019-01-30 UTC


I have updated the rulebook to add the factions Lilit and Cyborg (last ones tested as much as I could).

@ Anthony Viens

The problem you rise is not a real one when one remembers that reaching the opponent backline with the king is a win condition. So, with the Hologram faction, if one can move its queen to an unprotected space on the opponent backline, since the king could take its queen place on the next turn, the situation is the same as a checkmate. I hope you can see how powerful that can be. 

Thanks for the encouragements! 

Anthony Viens wrote on 2018-11-18 UTCAverage ★★★

I strongly encourage continuing work on this....I love the idea of 'choosing different armies'!

Sirlin's Chess2

Betza's Chess with Different Armies

Fantasy Grand Chess

And your idea of a one-time enhancement Trance (spell) appears to be an excellent idea of something different while not being too powerful.

However, I think the rules need some clarification.
In particular, the army 'Hologram' appears underpowered rules-as-written.  You gain the ability to suicide your queen to teleport your king.  Useful, but only so much.  You can't use it offensively (teleporting your king to the front lines is not smart) and if you use it to get the king out of check you're already in a bad way, and probably only delaying the inevitable.
Meanwhile, you loose the ability for the queen to capture--but it can still be captured, apparently.  So the queen is essentally useless.  (The rules specify only that the queen cannot capture.  All other rules being the same as chess, that means the queen can be captured.  A queen that cannot capture or be captured is useful as a blocking piece--is that what you meant?) 
The Trance is not that powerful, only allowing the queen the ability to capture kingwise.  (If the queen is uncapturable, this is very powerful.)
I'm left with the conclusion that you must have meant the queen cannot capture or be captured.

Paul Thierry TESSA wrote on 2018-05-25 UTC

I write the rules directly here as suggested. 

But I encourage checking the rulebook, it has useful graphics for better appreciation. .

Paul Thierry TESSA wrote on 2018-05-25 UTC


I update the rulebook to inlude the faction Royale and the faction Element.

@ Ben Reiniger

I have tested the game as much as it was possible for me since 2015. I dont know for sure if the game is perfectly balanced but I think it is well balanced at this time. The factions that I am posting right now are those that I am already pretty confident with the test results.

About hidden information, it actually makes it easier for me to balance a lot of factions.

Greg Strong wrote on 2018-04-05 UTC

I think if this is to remain a PDF, we should just change this to a 'link' page.

H. G. Muller wrote on 2018-04-05 UTC

I think that for the benefit of the betza.js file that powers the Interactive Diagrams, Fergus made it such that the upload script always accepts updating a file that already exists. I have had no trouble updating the betza.js file, even though I don't think .js is a file type that the upload script would normally accept. So you would only have to place the .pdf file in the membergraphics directory for the article once, and then the submitter could maintain it all by himself.

Ben Reiniger wrote on 2018-04-05 UTC

This has some interesting ideas.  I would strongly encourage you to add the information directly to this site; external links have a habit of disappearing.  Adding a writeup directly here would be ideal, but even just uploading the pdf onto this server would be helpful.  [I don't think our image upload script will allow a pdf, but I can do the upload manually if you want; of course, then you can't edit it without resending to me or another editor...]

When will you be adding the other 8 factions?

How much have you playtested these armies against each other? I guess it is harder to gauge balance here, with the hidden information...

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