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Pegniar ChessA game information page
. Introducing the Pegniar, a very interesting bifurcating bounce-slider, on a Gustavian board (zrf available).[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sam Trenholme wrote on 2006-10-02 UTC
I noticed that Gustavian Schoolbook had a problem with white always winning; the flanking archibishop/marshall variants seem to do better. Probably the best setup for Capablanca Gustavian is either ARNBQKBNRM or MRNBQKBNRA. Or maybe even QRNBAKBNRM or MRNBAKBNRQ. I also used your method defining 1,-2 etc. moves as 'knight' moves in the revised version of Gustavian Capablanca.

- Sam

Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC
It is not only your page that is blocked. The whole
domain is. I don't know why. If you want to  contact the Interent Service
Unit it is here :

Thank you for the information.

💡📝M Winther wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC
What? The Saudia-Arabian government has banned my site? But you can also
download my variants from .
Christine and Namik post their games here, too, and a few others, like 
K. Scherer, who only post their variants there. 


💡📝M Winther wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC
Sam, I have downloaded your Capablanca Gustavian from Yahoo. You 
have in some variants placed the rooks on the extra corner squares 
instead of the Archbishops/Chancellors. The rooks are hemmed in on 
those squares whereas the Archbishops/Chancellors are not. Your 
'Flanking Archbishops Gustavian' is much better. May I suggest that you 
use the H-board for those variants where the rooks must be placed on 
the extra squares? Then the rook has immediate access to the a- and 
h-files. You could also implement a new form of castling (H-board castling). 
Then you could also keep the regular coordinates. In all variants 
you could also keep the standard castling rules. There should also be a 
variant with an Archbishop and Chancellor on the extra Gustavian squares.


Sam Trenholme wrote on 2006-10-01 UTC
Here you go; this is what a Gustavian board looks like:

You can not enter the black squares; this is an 8x8 board with four corner squares added.

- Sam

Andy wrote on 2006-09-30 UTC
'May I see a picture of this Gustavian Board every one is talking about ?' Just a chessboard with extra squares left of a1 and a8 and right of h1 and h8

Abdul-Rahman Sibahi wrote on 2006-09-30 UTC
I can't give a rating for the game because I can't enter the site. It is
for some reason banned here in Saudi Arabia.

I just wnat to say that even if a king and a rook can't mate a lone king
in Omega Chess, two knights can. It is difficult, but doable. All other
principles of the endgame remain almost intact.

May I see a picture of this Gustavian Board every one is talking about ?

Andy wrote on 2006-09-30 UTC
What about problem omega chess has with kings hiding on extruded squares where rooks cannot attack them? Makes endgames more drawish. Kings on Gustavian squares are safe from attacks along file. So does Gustavian board have drawishness problem to any extent?

💡📝M Winther wrote on 2006-09-30 UTC
It could be a good idea to try the Gustavian board in cases where you could
use the standard 80-square board. Strategically it's a different game. The
knights remain equal in value to the bishops. The pawns retain their
strategical importance as there are only eight of them. The Gustavian
board allows less free space to the Archbishop and the Chancellor and so
their tactical possibilities are fewer. It's a different game, but
whether it's better is another thing.

My Pegniar Chess is today updated as the previous setup was awkward while
it made the Pegniars too dominant.


Sam Trenholme wrote on 2006-09-29 UTC
As an aside, I have used the Gustavian board to make a number of Capablanca variants. I would like to thank Mats for calling this excellent board to my attention.

- Sam

Update The Zillions file with these variants is available as a file in the Yahoo Chessvariants group.

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