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Alternative ChessA game information page
. A drop variant with one single external piece per player (many to choose from). Zillions (zrf) program available.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
M Winther wrote on 2007-11-16 UTC
The Adjutant piece is one of the many alternatives in Alternative Chess. It is a colour-bound piece. It slides in any direction, but on the orthogonals it slides only on one colour. The opposite colour squares are simply ignored. The Adjutant's value is 5, that is, the same as a rook. The Adjutant is really an enhanced bishop that can also move orthogonally. Its main weakness is that it cannot give mate together with the king. Note that it *slides* on the the same colour. So if a piece blocks the way on its sliding colour it cannot move further. It's a curious piece, perhaps useful.

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