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菲舍爾任意制象棋(Fischer Random Chess). 费舍尔的随机国际象棋变体 (Chinese Language)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2022-02-19 UTC

It looks like the cause of the corruption was converting to UTF-8. When UTF-8 was converted back to Windows-1252, it turned Chinese again. Although I can read very little Chinese, this looks correct. 象棋 gets used in the Chinese word for western Chess, and in the table describing castling, 王 gets used for the King, and 車 gets used for the Rook. So, I converted the text from a backup into Windows-1252, then cut and pasted it here, so that it is stored correctly as UTF-8. I also made local links relative, fixed some links that were incorrect, put everything in the introduction section to avoid English headings, and added a last note at the end in Chinese, thanks to an online translation tool, about this being a translation of our English Fischer Random Chess page. Finally, I deleted my previous revisions.