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Tetrahedral Chess. Three dimensional variant with board in form of tetrahedron. (x7, Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2009-06-30 UTC
How is tetrahedral different from cubes and hex-prism? Connectivity. How is it the same? Being 3-D. From player's standpoint, Rook always commands 18 squares without blocks. Check Rooks' corners' initial positions and count 6+6+6, and whereever else Rook is there are always potential 18, like 8x8 14 and 5x5x5 12. King one-steps colourswitching and there are four colours. King has to peer at the 12 directions. If King moves on own level, there is one available colour, and if he changes level, there are the other two. Knight is as if ''not King,'' going away two King steps and mandatorily colourswitching, and it means it's a jump.