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Chess Cards. Cardgame with chess flavor.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2008-11-23 UTC
I manage to made this game on Zillions. It doesn't have scoring, and it doesn't swap the cards dealt around, but the other rules it works OK (as far as I know). ChessCards.zrf / Z_GenImg library files
  • Push top-right corner (h8 cell) to pass your turn, or to deal cards
  • Leading player moves a piece to the top row
  • Following player moves to second row, then both pieces are destroyed
  • Blank piece in top-right corner (h8 cell) means initiative is changed
  • Move a piece to bottom-right corner (h1 cell) to sacrifice a piece
  • Different suits are by different columns
  • Queen privilege is done by leading number 5 and changing to 'Privilege' piece
  • Columns farther to the right are worth more than columns on the left
  • Whoever is unable to follow must change one of their own pieces to 'losing-piece'
  • Anyone who has a 'losing-piece' on board loses the game immediately
  • Moving a numbered piece to top-right corner (h8 cell) also causes you to lose immediately