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Hubbub. A variant of Bruhaha with more short-range pieces. (8x8, Cells: 72) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jeremy Good wrote on 2007-08-04 UTC

Abdul-Rahman's musings about alternate pieces got me to thinking about how one might play up themes in this game...

Okay, so a theme of this variant is that three of the pieces are colorchanging (knight, gryphon and scout). Here's one way for an all Color-changing variant of Hubbub: Replace the rooks with genschers from Knappen's Seenschach (compound of panda/sliprook + knight). Replace the bishops with compound of multipath-giraffe + regular knight; replace the lions with compound of multipath zebra + regular knight.

There you have it: All Color-Changing Hubbub!

[Added Note: Oh and make the king a wazir, make the pawns chinese pawns with no initial double step. There, every single piece and pawn is colorchanging.]

[Optionally, replace lion with Harvestman from Seenschach or one lion with multipath zebra + regular knight and the other lion with a harvestman.]