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Comments by Tony Quintanilla

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Hexagonal board[Subject Thread] [Add Response]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-06-18 UTC
You can make a nice board from 2 inch hexagonal  ceramic tiles. See Heroes
Hexagonal Chess version 2.

Two Large Shatranj Variants. Missing description (10x10, Cells: 100) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-05-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Great idea to explore short range moves, in the spirit of the ancient game!

Heroes Hexagonal Chess version 2. Hexagonal Chess with new movement rules on a "standard" 91 hex board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-05-17 UTC
Could an editor please fix the HTML for this page? I tried to enter a recorded game in Game Courier, but I'm afraid that I made some mistakes in the HTML. I cannot correct them as a contributor. Thanks!

About Game Courier. Web-based system for playing many different variants by email or in real-time.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-05-16 UTC
The board does not display. The menu options display ok. If I click on the link that says, "Click here to view, print, or download the image shown above", I get a 404 Not Found error. However, this happens only in Safari! I checked Chrome, and the preset displays without problem. Thanks.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-05-16 UTC
I have a question. I recently posted a preset for Heroes Hexagonal Chess with a hexagonal board using the PNG method. It displays fine on a PC browser, but will not display in IOS Safari on a mobile device. I then tried both JPG and GIF with the same result. Any suggestion on what I can do? Is the only solution a CSS board? Thanks.

Game Courier. PHP script for playing Chess variants online.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2015-05-16 UTC
I have a question. For the Heroes Hex Chess preset I just posted. I made a hexagonal board using the PNG method. It displays fine on a PC browser, but does not display in IOS Safari. I tried JPG and GIF with the same result. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Heroes Hexagonal Chess. Hexagonal variant with special Hero piece which enhances other pieces. (Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2013-07-05 UTC
Yu Ren Dong asked (a long time ago!): "Another question is about the zrf of Heroes Hexagonal Chess. As my Guard moves into the marked zone of opposite and is in face of enemy King at the same time, Guard will only promote Heroic Pawn but not Hero. I can't choose to become Hero. Is it a bug or an ambiguous rule?"

I think that I simply did not consider this possibility. The rules should clarify that the Guard promotes to a Hero in this situation, not a Heroic Pawn. 

Hopefully I will have time to make this change in the ZRF sometime soon!

Game Courier Chess Variant Problems. Solve Chess Variants Problems Composed with Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2013-03-23 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Fergus, thanks for this new feature! - Tony

ChessVA computer program
. Program for playing numerous Chess variants against your PC.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2009-10-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I just uploaded and played the new version. Works great!

Jetan Jeddara. Large Jetan variant, with new pieces. (16x12, Cells: 192) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2009-10-20 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
This is a great game and a lot of fun. The game is supposed to be played using multi-moves. I tried this with James. The game was very fun. Obviously it was not possible to precisely calculate the moves. Alternatively, one can play using single moves, which takes a long time because of the size of the board and number of pieces. The game has a lot of flavor and really appeals to the Martian theme, particularly using James' Game Courier graphics. This is a game for the adventuresome!

Atlantean Coffee House Shatranj. Grand Hexagonal Shatranj - the short-range project goes six-sided. (13x13, Cells: 127) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2009-10-20 UTCGood ★★★★
Sounds like a fun game. It's nice to see a hex game again. The pieces look powerful. Nice game.

Tiled Squares Chess. Play this game, where you drop tiles to create the board as you play![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-08-04 UTC
Jeremy, thanks! You have improved the preset. For some reason when I first created this preset I omitted the anti-tile, to the point that I forgot about that rule! Yes, your preset is a fine interpretation of the original rules. I welcome its use. On the other hand, I have no objection to playing without the anti-tile rule. Thanks again!! -- Tony

2007-2008 Chess Variants Design Contest. Chess variant inventors gather round! We're doing it again! Exact nature of contest to be determined with YOUR help!![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-08-02 UTC
I vote for a hexagonal theme contest; this is an intriguing format that is not frequently used, but has promise. I also vote for the following theme: a variant using the traditional 8x8 board and classic pieces, k, q, b, n, r, p; this would allow inventors to dwell on the mechanics of the game rather than its details. Also, I am in favor of a judged contest; if this format is approved, I nominate Jeremy to be on the panel because of his wide familiarity with variants and the many presets that he has created and large variety of games he is playing on Game Courier demonstrating his wide interest.

Tiled Squares Chess. Play this game, where you drop tiles to create the board as you play![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-08-02 UTC

Jeremy, to drop a White-owned tile (displayed with a white border), use the piece designation '$' and for a Black-owned tile (displayed with a black border), '%'. So in your example, the move would be $-d3. This would drop a White-owned tile on the d3 space. The idea is that the board only exists for ranks 1, 2, 7, and 8 at the start of the game. Players have to add tiles, which they own, in order to create a legal place for their pieces to move to. So in your example, White would add a tile to d3 in order to say move a Pawn to d3 later. A player can also remove their own tiles. So, White could later remove the tile using '-d3'. I hope this helps. Take a look at the below example of the first few moves. Note that each player drops their own tiles upon leaving a square, since they own those tiles. Thanks for your kind offer to help with a new preset or graphics.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-08-01 UTC
Jeremy: To remove an empty tile from e6 and leave a vacant position: '-e6'.

Quang Trung Chess 10th EditionBROKEN LINK!. The 10th edition.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-07-31 UTC
This is too bad. Often creative variant inventors create their own pages and choose to send a link to CVP instead of asking CVP to post their page. Too often, these author pages do not last, resulting in the loss of an interesting variant or collections of variants to the chess variants community. I have seen this many times. I would encourage those that provide links to also post their game descriptions in CVP!

Falcon Chess. Game on an 8x10 board with a new piece: The Falcon. (10x8, Cells: 80) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-07-17 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I agree that Falcon Chess is an excellent variant. The move of the Falcon is very interesting and provides for both strategic and tactical ideas. I have been playing a game with George and quite enjoy it (although I have not attended to my game recently!). I just wish that the Falcon piece could be used more frequently by other chess variant inventors (Switching Falcon Chess or Takeover Falcon Chess -- a 'takeover' Falcon, wow! -- anyone?).

Crazy 38's. Ben Good's Crazy 38's on the Game Courier.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-29 UTCGood ★★★★
Nice work.

Crazy 38's. On strange board with 38 squares. (Cells: 38) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-25 UTC
Abdul-Rahman, I have uploaded the new background. This should work. Take a look at your preset.

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-18 UTC
I checked the FAQ for background images. The problem is that your image is not symmetrical in the horizontal direction. So, when the program switches sides, it correctly interprets that the boxes should flip horizontally and places the pieces accordingly. However, the program does not flip the board image only the pieces. (Note that this only happens with custom background images, not boards created by the program.) The result is the pieces are placed in the wrong locations on the board. We would have to upload a second, flipped, background image to correct this problem. However, use of a second background image requires some customized programming to associate the 2 images that only Fergus can do. We can try this, but I do not know when Fergus would be able to do the programming.

Alternatively, you could create a new image that is symmetrical in both directions. I can upload this. The program should then locate the pieces in the correct spaces. For example, the boxes could be at the bottom rather than at the top. However, this will require re-doing your space coordinates.

Sorry about this. I should have checked the FAQ before asking you to define the coordinates!

Isle of Lewis Chess Men. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-18 UTC
I have revised the page, changing the attribution from the 'English Isle of Lewis' to the 'Scottish Isle of Lewis.'

Rules of Chess FAQ. Frequently asked chess questions.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-17 UTC
Cindy: the Black Queen cannot move since that would expose the Black King to check, which is not allowed. This is a very useful tactic.

Crazy 38's. On strange board with 38 squares. (Cells: 38) (Recognized!)[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-17 UTC
Done! Preset looks nice. - Tony

Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-15 UTC

Abdul, Jeremy: I have added the board image as a new Game Courier 'Background' called 38squares.gif. Here is a very rough preset using my Hexes Chess preset as a starting point, but you will have to redefine the coordinates for the spaces. Obviously, these coordinates are for the Hexes Chess hexagonal board.

Isle of Lewis Chess Men. Missing description[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Tony Quintanilla wrote on 2007-06-03 UTC

This page was originally meant to simply present some images that could be used with Zillions of Games. Here are some other links that may be of interest:

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