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George Duke wrote on 2011-04-14 UTC
I announced so here at the time two years ago that we were letting it lapse. It became generally known by other CVers. USP5690334 ran 1997-January 2010 (petition to revive was possible actually through 2010), long enough to establish authorship, not all the way to maximum 2017. Patenting like that fit the era up to the 1990s and is become controversial in field of Chess. When the Mayan calandar cyclical period turns over in 616 days 21.12.12 fittingly the Falcon briefly close-quartered will have shortly-since lapsed too. This present patent text is one chapter of a book draft on cvs and falcon chess piece. I did not know they could not play Falcon in the site's ''game courier.'' Copyright or patent are much the same our cv field now, but they are not perceived that way. As Hutnik and Good and others know more detailed, I scale back every March/April, so sorry for brevity, just to recontinue later ''NextChess'' topic, ''ChessboardMath'' topic, also more recent threads like ''What Was Happening 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs. ago,'' to be recontributed to. Falcon presets for the one engine g.c? I provided evidence the patents (overseas too) were in effect partly in order to see them played in G.C.; now I assert they are not in effect partly in order to see them played in g.c. You could use the yankee cliche of the great cultural unwashed, ''same difference.'' Perfectly seriously, the Falcon games are approved for play in g.c., and like most others' cvs anywhere else with due attribution, from the very beginning unwaveringly the different time periods: 1992(pre-cvpage date of invention of falcon with assistance of Vera C.)-1996(full public disclosure), 1997-2010, 2010-2017, as well as all 2017 and beyond. Have at it. Not to screw up the preferred Official Rules of Chess as of now year 2011, they are including the three, no Queen promotion, free castling with King required movement at least one and Rook over adjacent, and yet to be implemented any station Guarding the Queen. See_Diagonal-Oblong_G.t.Q._adaptable_to_squares.

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