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H. G. Muller wrote on 2010-03-26 UTC
Seven Knights still have a light advantage over three Queens. (When I start the Knights from the back rank.) From watching the games, however, I get the impression that the Knights could do better than they do now, with a bit more strategic insight. Such as awarding keeping them close together, and defended by the King or a Pawn. I usually see it coming when white is wrecking its own position (to greedily capture a far-away Pawn), and indeed, it than somewhat later its score collapses, and it loses. It is very easy to create an outpost Knight, defended only by another Knight, but not able to move anywhere. In the long run a second Queen then comes to attack it (which was initially beyond the horizon), to secure a Q vs 2N trade. So if I could program my insight into the program, seven Knights might get back a huge advantage.

For the Queens the situation seems mainly tactical. They are dependend on white letting its guard down, and when that happens they force the decisive trade.

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