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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by both of the game's inventors, Omar Syed and Aamir Syed.

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Omar Syed wrote on 2009-05-15 UTC
Hi Larry. I didn't know about the Axiom Development Kit. I just read about
it. It will be interesting to see how much stronger Zillions can be with
this. I look forward to trying it out.

>Are there any optimal set-up patterns which the computer might select

Someone had posted in the Arimaa forum about a study of the frequency of
times various setups were used. I am not able to find that posting
currently, but I'll send it to you once I find it. I think you could use
these results to get some predefined setups. The question of how optimal a
setup is would be hard to answer. Perhaps we don't have enough games yet
to even try to answer it.

>Does having certain pieces on certain positions improve the play of the

I don't think anyone has studied this yet.

>And, exactly what are the values of the pieces in this game and how would
they be expressed?

There has been quite a bit of discussion about this on the Arimaa forum
(bot developer section). The current best model uses relative evaluation
based on what other pieces are on the board as opposed to absolute values
for the pieces.

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