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George Duke wrote on Mon, Apr 20, 2009 05:26 PM UTC:
I don't think it is great, Mastodon/Pasha being nothing special as foreshortened Queen with the hop; however the Poor is for the write-up error. Insect Chess is under discussion for short-range pieces, and Mastodon and Paulovits are both insignificant incidental asides. But I can change the rating when the offensive indication of priority is corrected. Now, M. Winther knows I have been more supportive of his fine bifurcation pieces than anyone else bar none. Good work there in one obscure subfield of CVdom. Poor practice here in the sentence ''The Pasha moves like a Mastodon.'' Bifurcators are interesting, and if there were a way, or mechanism, to single out one or two or three of them from the 40 or 70 now invented, Chess Variants might even benefit with CVs worth playing for the masses. If we could winnow the bifurcation pieces to a few, I would put (Venator etc.) in the top 20 CVs. [Jeliss' All the King's Men is down, and I look for the bifurcators before Winther's to round out this comment: pretty much Winther has all of them after about 5 earlier Jeliss names -- and I have fortunately saved in a comment if Jeliss also disappears.]

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