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This page is written by the game's inventor, Charles Daniel.

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Charles Daniel wrote on 2007-10-22 UTC
In Airplane Chess, the airplane moves both diagonally and orthogonally. There seems to be no specification or limit to its long reach power - it can jump over pieces in-between to capture the last piece in the line. 
I got the idea from checkers not from airplane chess.
The whole reasoning between my choice for the 'immediate landing' bomber used in Birds and Ninjas rather than the extended landing bomber was that pawns are too vulnerable and easily attacked. It is not clear but I suspected that this *might* increase the number of draws. 
Airplane Chess will most certainly lead to higher number of draws since pawns are  *much* more vulnerable than either version of the flying bomber. The nature of airplane being so difficult to defend against would make game much wilder and very different from Flying Bombers as well. 

The other mode of the flying bomber is essentially the Dabbabah (from which the cannon might have derived) as noted.

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