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Main events Hexagonal Chess 1983 - 1998

Sergej Korchitsky from Belarus, vice-president of the International Hexagonal Chess Federation, send the following information on the main events in Hexagonal Chess from 1983 - 1998. For earlier events, see the text on growth of Hexagonal Chess.


February: First international tournament in Warsaw, Poland. Winner: Lazlo Rudolf (Hungary).

August: 2nd European Championship in Szekszard, Hungary. Winners: 1. Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary); 2. Tichomir Cyarmsty (Czechoslovakia); 3. Marek Mackiwiak (Poland).


May: 3rd European Championship in Poznan, Poland. The first place was shared by L. Rudolf and M. Mackowiak. An additional match was played in hotel "Mercury" (Poznan) in November. Mackowiak won the match with score 4:2.


August: 1st International Qualify Tournament to the 1st World Championship, in London (Great Brittain). First place: 1. Marek Mackowiak (Poland); 2. Juri Garret (Italy). These players will play in semifinal of World Championship. Comment: players from Poland, Italy, USA, Great Britain took part in this competition.

December: 2nd International Quality Tournament to the 1st World Championship, in Subbotica (Yugoslavia). Winners: Imre Botko and Laszlo Rudolf (both from Hungary).


February: 1st International Tournament in USSR. Winners: 1. Viacheslav Yanenko (Belarus); 2. Grazina Mackowiak (Poland); 3. Laszlo Sziraki (Hungary). Comment: 42 players from USSR, Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia participated in this competition.

June: International Tournament 2nd Palic Cup, in Subbotica, Yugoslavia. 1. Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary); 2. Vladimir Vashkevich (Belarus); 3. Grazina Mackowiak (Poland); 4. Marek Mackowiak (Poland).

July: 4th European Championship in Tatabanya (Hungary). 1. Laszlo Somlai (Hungary); 2. Vladimir Nekrasov (Belarus) and Marek Mackowiak (Poland); 4. Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary).

August: International Tournament "Top-16" in Poznan (Poland). 1. Marek Mackowiak (Poland); 2. Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary); 3. Viacheslav Yanenko (Belarus); 4. Valdemar Seliga (Poland); 5. Marek Mandecky (Poland); 6. Grazina Mackowiak (Poland).


February: Tragic event for Hexachess. Vladislav Glinski died.

June: International Tournament "Crystal Cup" in Tatabanya (Hungary). 1. Vladimir Nekrasov (Belarus); 2. Laszlo Sziraki (Hungary); 3. Marek Mackowiak (Poland); 4. Jury Zezulkin (Belarus). 50 players participated in the tournament.

December 1990 - January 1991

The First World Championship in Peking (China). Soviet players were not admitted to participation in this tournament. Imre Botko refused from participation. Jury Garret (Italy), Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary) and Marek Mackowiak (Poland) participated in the semifinal. M. Mackowiak and L. Rudolf played in final. The match between these players finished 1:1. Both players got the title of World Champion.


The First European Championship by post was finished. 1. Andrej Zsupko (Russia); 2. Edmund Kiejdo (Poland); 3. Vladimir Volkov (Russia); 4. Miklos Kolozsvari (Hungary).


July: The 1st CIS Championshop (International Tournament). 1. Sergej Korchitsky (Russia); 2. Peter Suto (Hungary); 3. Marek Mackoviak (Poland).
During this tournament, IHCF was reorganized. New leaders of IHCF were elected. It was decided to move the headquarters of IHCF from England to Hungary.


August: The 1st Qualify Tournament to the 5th European Championship, in Tatabanya (Hungary). 1. Marek Mackowiak (Poland); 2. Laszlo Rudolf (Hungary); 3. Csaba Shenkerik (Hungary); 4. Peter Csupor (Hungary); 5. Bertolan Rozak (Hungary). These players will play in the 5th European Championship.


February: The 2nd Qualify Tournament to the 5th European Championship, in Minsk (Belarus). 1. Sergej Korchitsky (Belarus); 2. Sergej Bogdanovich (Belarus); 3. Sergej Bantsevich (Belarus); 4. Juri Emeliashin (Russia); 5. Michail Ivanjuk (Ukraine). These players will play in the 5th European Championship.

August: 5th European Championship in Tatabanya (Hungary). 1. Sergej Korchitsky; 2. Marek Mackowiak; 3. Laszlo Rudolf; 4. Laszlo Bercsek; 5. Csaba Shenkerik.

Text received from Sergej Korchitsky; slightly edited by Hans Bodlaender.
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