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True Type chess fonts

Chess Utrecht

More chess fonts

Figurine Symbol fonts

These TrueType fonts by Armando H. Marroquin fonts can be used for figurine notation: the characters for king, queen, rook, bishop, and knight are replaced by chess pieces/figurines. In the Times New Roman font, some characters are changed to those of the chess pieces they represent.

Other chess publishing resources

Checkers or draughts font

I made a checkers or draughts font. This is also useful for chess variants that use checkers pieces. Rules of use, and borders are the same as for the Chess Utrecht font: see The description of Chess Utrecht. This is not sufficiently tested: let me know if it works on your machine. Also, I'm not sure this is really the correct version...

You may use this draughts font free of charge. (c) Hans Bodlaender, 1996.

Written by: Hans Bodlaender. With thanks to Alastair Scott for letting me use his gif-file of my Chess Utrecht font, and to Armando Hernandez Marroquin for his many chess fonts that he sent me. Thanks to Mark Brooks for sending me the Chess Utrecht font in Mac-format.
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