Center Quotient

After trying out various pieces, I came up with the idea of the "Center Quotient": on an empty board, see how many different squares a piece can occupy that are not themselves center squares but from which the piece attacks the center; if the piece attacks two center squares from one place, count that place twice.

N    32         WD   24        WA   24       fbNF    28
B    48         R4   48        FAD  44       fhNsbK  28
R    48         HFD  44        BD   64       fsRbK   48
Q    96         RN   80        NB   80       fsRfhNK 70
K    20         W     8         F   12       A       16
The FIDE pieces total 352, the Colorbound Clobberers 344, the Remarkable Rookies 312, and the Nutty Knights 278.

The results are intriguing, but I am not convinced of their usefulness.

Notice that the WD and WA show up poorly, which corresponds to their difficulty in developing to useful squares. This could just be coincidence.

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