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The Chess Variant Pages

Overmate - Sample Game

Player's Cards as Dealt (arranged in order of suit)
Player A
Player B

Move Number Game 1 Text
1 yR yN(yP)
2 wQ wB
3 rQ rP
4 yB(wR) rB
5 rR(yQ) rN
6 bP(wN) bB
7 bQ bR
8 bQ bN
9 bQ! --

Game 1
Game 2
Player A 242 -- --
Player B 0 -- --


Note that Player A has sacrificed 3 cards during play and runs out of 'cards in hand' to play after move 7. He thus uses his 7th played card (the black queen) also as his 8th and 9th played card and manages to win.

Text notation:
Note the "!" played after the bQ on the 9th move representing one-card overmate.

Note scoring, which in this instance attracts an overmate bonus:

Score = 11 x (9 + 2) x 2 = 242

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